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EVENT NAME: Central & Eastern Europe Gaming Congress

DATE AND TIME: 25th September 2018, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Location: Ritz Carlton, Budapest, Hungary


Ray Wilson from AMLGS will join a number of other expert panelist to discuss in depth, Responsible Gambling, AML / KYC and Match-fixing within the gambling sector across Europe.

Ray will focus on his presentation on Financial Crime (encompassing AML) and Problem Gambling (PG). Using his unparalleled insight Ray will cover the importance of embracing AML for each individual within an operator, the crossover between AML and PG and how we can better use CDD indicators to determine whether a customer is potentially a PG risk.

Ray will also discuss if there is a tendency among operators to report too many (suspicious) transactions/activity, and the impact on the capability of the AML authority to analyses this.


DATE AND TIME: 11th July 2018, 08.30am - 11am

Location: Park Plaza, Victoria, London.


Raymond Wilson | Director, AMLGS

Suspicious Activity Reporting is constantly increasing, but the quality and content of these reports needs improvement to allow law enforcement agencies to do their jobs. When should you be asking for Defence Against Money Laundering (DAML/Consent)? What content is needed in your SARs and how do you know what investigations should be carried out by you?

With decades of law enforcement, and regulatory experience, Ray Wilson and the AMLGS team will provide an insight into the process of Suspicious Activity Reporting. They will show you how to complete an SAR to the highest of standards and what happens after your report is submitted.

Using the experience of working within the National Crime Agency, you will gain a greater understanding of the process that takes place after you have submitted a SAR and how you, as MLROs and compliance professionals are so important.

You will be given an in depth workshop on the key responsibilities of the MLRO in the regulated sector. You will be given examples and real life scenarios that demonstrate how the actions that you and your teams make, can lead to life saving law enforcement operations. We will show you, where people have got it wrong, how to get it right, provide key messages for your staff and explain why you are so vital in the fight against financial crime. You will be given in depth knowledge on the key responsibilities of the MLRO in the regulated sector, includng:

The process for reporting suspicion

The do's and dont's of suspicious activity reporting

Trends and techniques commonly used

Where individuals are getting it wrong

Understanding Defence Against Money Laundering (DAML)

How to conduct a thorough investigation

Interactive real life scenarios

And more

Claire Wilson | Senior AML Manager, Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission are the UKs regulator for the gaming industry. Continuously driving for improvement across the sector, they are well aware of the risks posed by financial crime.

Claire Wilson will be discussing the recently published risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing in the British gambling market 2018. With a wealth of experience and a passion for financial crime prevention, Claire will cover the UKGC’s approach to financial crime, the current and emerging industry risks and their refreshed money laundering guidance. This will be a useful opportunity for individuals to hear from an experienced and passionate regulator.