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Welcome to AML Gaming Solutions,
improving your Anti-Money Laundering capabilities

With new legislation being implemented the Gaming Industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. With your Company's reputation at risk, you can no longer afford to gamble with Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance.

At AMLGS® we are dedicated to empowering staff members of the financial and gaming sector with a high level of Anti-Money Laundering awareness. We know that this awareness increases business efficiency and optimises financial compliance. Through our services we give staff and management the confidence and equip them with the tools to make proactive decisions around potential money laundering, regulatory and complex compliance issues.

Our team comprises of AML experts from the Financial Regulation, UK Law Enforcement Agencies and the Gaming industry. Over the years our experts have worked closely with FATF and the FCA to provide training, workshops and process guidance to the regulated sector. What makes us unique is that several of our experts have themselves been or at least have portrayed to be money launderers, having worked in an accredited covert capacity to dig deeper and gain real life experience in money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption and fraud.

We are experts in the following areas:

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laundering solutions.

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Contact our team for an open discussion on requirements and how we can help.

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We design and implement training to fit your business needs.

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Our experts complete an in house training delivery package with you and your team.